Under the Sea slot by 1×2 Gaming software features thirty paylines, five reels and has an underwater ocean theme. Under the Sea slot is centred on 3D animation while utilising bright colours and a dynamic atmosphere. This combination brings the underwater world of the game to life.

Behind the reel, the player can see a colourful, vibrant and animated underwater scene. At the bottom is the ocean floor with red coral, blue coral, purple coral, purple sea anemones, red plants, green plants, yellow star fish, course sand, and ocean rocks. Towards the top of the screen, the player can see the ocean’s surface with gentle waves slowly drifting up and down. These waves cast scattered light down to the bottom of the ocean scene which adds a touch of realism to the setting. In addition, the occasional bubble will creep up from the bottom.

At the top of the reel, there title of the slot, Under the Sea, is in bold white and yellow letters. To the left and the right sides, static bubbles line the outside of the reel. At the bottom of the reel, the player can see a wealth of information on the game as well as make certain selections. Options and information include choose coin, bet per line, select lines, spin, and max bet per line. There is also an autoplay button at the top. The player can also adjust the selected lines or bet per line by pressing the plus or minus button adjacent to either. Finally, the player’s balance, credits, and bet are displayed at the bottom of the reel.

Under the Sea Slot Symbols

Under the sea slot symbols include a wide range of underwater themed items. The first symbol is a sunken shipwreck with its contents scattered across the ocean floor. The second symbol is a treasure chest that is sunk into the sand and covered in algae. The third symbol is a clam which has been opened to reveal a shining white pearl inside. The fourth symbol is a blonde mermaid with blue eyes who is smiling. The fifth symbol is an orange fish with a white stripe. The sixth symbol is a brown fish with white teeth. The seventh symbol is a smiling purple fish that is swimming around a coral reef. The eighth symbol is a blue fish with a flat head. The ninth symbol is a bright yellow fish with eyebrows. The last symbol is a green and black fish with bright yellow fins.

Bonus Round with Free Spins

Like getting bonuses in other slots at https://onlinecasinogamesca.com/slots, if the player gets three of the sunken ship scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels, they will be awarded with eight free spins. If the player gets four of the sunken ship scatter symbols, they will be awarded with twelve free spins. If the player gets give of the sunken ship scatter symbols, they will be awarded with fifteen free spins. The pay-out for any winnings during the free spins round is doubled. This can lead to large winnings for players who are lucky enough to hit while playing in the free spins round.