Throwing a good party is something that most people aspire to at one point or another. The chance to make friends and family feel welcomed and entertained, and hopefully to create memories that will last a lifetime. From gender reveal parties to casino parties, there’s always something to celebrate.

But with the current economic climate, it can be difficult to throw together a table of high-quality snacks that everyone can enjoy. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways of putting together a real smorgasbord of delicious treats that don’t cost and arm and a leg, as we will look at here.

  1. Kebabs

There’s nothing easier than making a kebab, and not only are they fantastic as a party snack, but they are incredibly versatile, allowing the party thrower to put together just about any combination that they can think of. Kebabs are almost always made using a stick that is then fitted with different ingredients. The wonderful thing about kebabs is that it’s just as easy to make a meat-centric one as it is to create one that’s perfect for vegan or vegetarian friends. The mind is the limit when it comes to kebabs, and they cost almost nothing to put together in a short time frame.

  1. Scones

Another great idea for a quick and easy snack is scones. These are usually made from a combination of ingredients like flour, water, salt, and other easily accessible ingredients that can usually be found around the house. It’s also possible to make dozens of scones at a time, perfect for entertaining a large amount of guests during a party. Scones can also be paired with many other ingredients, with some of the more popular ones being jam, cheese, cream, and more.

  1. Brownies

Another baked good that’s sure to be a hit with visitors, brownies are chocolatey and always delicious and make for a great snack when combined with ice cream and other delicacies. Like scones, brownies are extremely easy to make, only requiring a few basic ingredients that most people have in their kitchens. They are also versatile, meaning that it’s possible to improvise on the fly, maybe adding chocolate chips, Nutella, or different kinds of nuts. The only downside to brownies is that they are often quite sweet and may not fit with every party theme.

  1. Hummus

Hummus is a traditional food that’s often found in the Middle East and can be used as a dip for just about everything. Hummus is typically made from garlic, chickpeas, salt, olive oil, and sometimes other herbs and spices, to make a thick and creamy mixture that’s always great to eat. The ingredients necessary to make hummus are abundant and cheap and can all be thrown into the blender.

  1. Cheese and Spinach Rolls

Cheese and spinach make a wonderful pair when they are added to small rolls of puff pastry and then baked. This is a classic snack that has long been found at parties, and for good reason. They are cheap to make, a favourite among most guests, and require very little in terms of preparation and cooking.