When it comes to online poker, there can be no denying the sheer magnitude of this game, as well as the impact that it has had on players from all over the world. As a result, so many different variations of this game have been created, each one more entertaining than the last. Because each game was designed to add an interesting twist to the traditional game we have all come to know and love, games like Spanish Poker are able to offer players something new and exciting to look forward to. Below, you will find a breakdown of the game and everything that it entails.

The Cards Used

Of course, when it comes to casino table games, it is not uncommon for games to make use of standard packs of 52 playing cards. In fact, many of them do. In games like poker, the cards are perhaps the most important feature of the game, as they determine whether or not you win the game. Spanish poker does make use of the standard playing card pack, except that all cards that yield a value lower than eight are removed from the deck. So in other words, this game is played with just 28 cards.


Of course, Spanish poker also sees its fair share of betting. All players will be dealt two cards, after which they will need to place their first round of bets. The dealer then puts another card down, face up, which will then be followed by yet another round of betting. This will continue for a further five rounds. Once the fifth and final round has been played and the last bet has been placed, players will then need to reveal their cards and the one with the best hand of five will be the sole winner of the prize money collected from all the bets.

Available on Several Different Devices

Of course, because of the fact that Spanish poker is available online, players are able to access this game from several different devices like punters accessing NZ sports betting sites now. This makes it easier for them to play the game, as they will not be restricted by any times or locations. There are plenty of different variations of this game out there, all of which have been created and optimised to be enjoyed on a wide range of convenient devices. Instead of having to sit down and play this game at a traditional casino, or even having to sit and play at home, players can access it on the go from a number of devices, including the likes of mobile phones, tablets and smart watches.

At the end of the day, Spanish poker is a simple, exciting game that provides a unique twist on the casino game that has for so long been so loved. Players are sure to enjoy everything that it has to offer, from the smaller deck of cards to the multiple betting opportunities and accessibility that comes with being able to play from a wide range of devices.