A game called Shark Bite might seem a little concerning, being that there is very little positive about being bitten by a shark. Upon playing the game, however, the player will quickly realise that a shark’s bite is the most positive thing that can happen. The Shark Bite slot game, created by Cryptologic, features a wonderfully cartoony art style, strongly reminiscent of the popular Finding Nemo animated film.

These delightful visuals are accompanied by a charming soundtrack that kicks in upon the reels being spun, making the game a highly entertaining experience. The shark is the star of the game, as the name suggests, and will help the player tremendously if landing on the reels. In terms of game play the Shark Bite slot game uses a five reel, twenty five betting line system, allowing the player to adjust the betting lines up or down as they see fit.

The result is a highly strategic game play experience that offers many opportunities for interactivity from the player. This is sure to please veteran slot game players, but may not appeal to those looking for a more relaxed experience. The Shark Bite slot game is available now on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Symbols in More Detail

That the shark is the star of the Shark Bite casino slot game has already been mentioned; so let’s have a look at some of the other symbol designs. The most valuable symbol is the written words Shark Bite positioned in a shark’s open mouth.

If matching this symbol the maximum of five times, the largest possible standard payout in the game will be granted. The second most valuable symbol is the friendly looking goldfish, followed by the purple fish hiding among the seaweed.

The stingray comes next, then the starfish, and the coral. The remaining symbols are the jack, queen, king and ace of playing cards, but note that the developers of the game have gone the whole nine yards and made these recognisable symbols out of smiling eels, as apposed to the standard playing card font. It need not be said that this spark of creativity is certainly a welcome addition to an already pleasant game.

Big Shark Bonuses

The shark is the wild symbol in the game, and will match with any standard symbol to create a winning sequence. If, however, the player has activated all the betting lines, the shark has a little trick up his sleeve. Upon landing on the reels with all betting lines active, the shark will swim to the right, chomping all the symbols in his path and turning them into extra wilds. This is obviously highly beneficial, and the reason the player will quickly learn to love the shark. The other bonus symbols in the Shark Bite slot game include the treasure chest, which will grant instant free spins upon being matched, as well as the bonus symbol, which will trigger a simple mini-game. In the mini-game the player must select one of three treasure chests. Cash will be found in all three treasure chests, but only one will have the highest possible amount.