iPhone casinos are basically online mobile casinos specifically aimed at iPhone users. These casinos have been created by software developers to give the iPhone user the best online mobile casino experience for their device. These casinos are available either through the app store, or by using the iPhones Internet browser to search for them.

iPhone casinos come in two forms, either as a downloadable app, for real or fun money, or as a internet based casino that is only accessible from your browser. Each of these has their advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of the app format is that it is always available on you smart phone, but a disadvantage is that you have download it to your phones memory. The internet based iPhone casinos are not always available, as you have to go into your internet browser and log in to them, but they do not require any actual phone memory to install.

How iPhone Casinos Work

As mentioned iPhone casinos are specifically designed for the iPhone device, that means that they are customised to the screen size and processing power to give you the best experience on your device available. Once you have found the casino that you would like to use, either via app or your Internet browser, you will then be required to create an account.

Many casinos will ask you to verify you personal details at this stage, which may include sending through a copy of your identity document. Do not be alarmed as this is for your and the casinos safety and to prevent fraud. At this stage you may be wondering how safe iPhone casinos are, especially if you are playing with real money and have to use your bank details or credit card details to deposit said funds.

As with all things there are good and bad casinos out there, and player are strongly encouraged to do the research and check out their chosen casino before making any commitments or depositing any funds. There are many websites who will help you to do this by already reviewing and giving iPhone casinos a rating. Once your account is created, you will then be able to choose form a number of banking options, i.e. how you are going to deposit your money to get credits to play. These can range from third parties such as ewallet companies to credit card facilities.

Things to Look for at an iPhone Casino

So you have a number of suitable iPhone casinos, but you still need to narrow down the list. What do you look for? The first thing is a great welcome bonus. May iPhone casinos will offer special welcome bonuses to players just signing up. These may range from free credits to free spins. The second is good customer care. As you are using real money in a real casino, you need to be able to get hold of representatives of that casino at all times. Make sure that your chosen iPhone casino has twenty four hour customer care, preferably via telephone or live chat. Thirdly make sure that your chosen casino has the banking option that suits you. It won’t be much good if they only offer withdrawals or deposits via credit card if you don’t have a credit card. Make sure that they have a great safety rating, and use well known banking services.