For Canada’s dedicated gaming aficionados, online casino games represent the best of both worlds. They get all the excitement of a real casino experience, and they can enjoy it from the comfort of their own homes; in a dressing gown and slippers if they feel like it, and able to set their own rules about smoking, drinking and background music.

Best of all, online casino games are never overcrowded or unavailable; there is always room at a table or a slot machine just a click away. It’s hardly surprising that online casinos are a growth industry in Canada and most of the world. This causes healthy competition between the dozens of sites catering to the Canadian market, and one of the ways casinos can attract players is by releasing new and innovative online casino games regularly.

All Tastes Catered for

Whether a casino fan prefers old-type three-reel fruit machines, or modern 3D video slots with bonus screens and games within games, they can find online casino games to suit them. Just like they are in land-based casinos, slots are by far the most popular game category in Canada’s online casinos, and players now have hundreds of titles to choose from.

However, variety is one of the keys to market share, so other games are not left out. Online casino games include a plethora of video poker titles, as well as several versions of table poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Many of the video poker and table card games come in multi-hand versions, allowing players to bet on up to 100 hands at once. Lottery games like bingo and keno are also well represented, and players can find craps, scratch cards and even the more obscure casino games with a bit of searching.

Play doesn’t have to Cost

Free casinos and demo games at real-money casinos ensure that Canadians can enjoy online casino games solely for entertainment, if they’re so inclined. These operate on credits only, as the real reward is the thrill of beating the game, so they are also useful to players learning new games or trying to develop strategic betting systems. If players do want to wager proper stakes for the chance of real-money wins, of course, they too have plenty of options open.

But competition between online casinos works in the player’s favour here as well. To attract and retain loyal players, online casinos all offer bonus incentives. These amount to free play on designated online casino games, whether it be free spins on slots or an amount of money equal to the player’s deposit that the casino adds to their playing stake. So even when playing for real, players get the chance to make a number of risk-free bets with the chance of actual wins.

Take Some Basic Precautions

Money and online entertainment is a mixture that always needs to be handled responsibly, so it bears repeating that gamers should approach online casino games with the usual attention to online safety. They should only choose licensed online casinos legally available in Canada, and they should ensure they only play at reputable site with industry-standard security, privacy and fairness policies.

When reviewing the various bonus deals on offer for specific online casino games, players also need to read the small print carefully. As promotional offers, bonuses will have terms and conditions attached. These may determine when a player can withdraw winnings, so it is best to know all the details upfront.