Observed on December twenty fifth of every year, Christmas is a holiday celebration that almost everyone is familiar with. In most parts of the world, Christmas day is a public holiday so that people can spend time with their friends and families. In some countries, December twenty fourth, also known as Christmas Eve, is the focus of the celebration rather than Christmas day itself. It is often accompanied by giving gifts and sharing a large, traditional meal.

Other traditions that surround the Christmas holiday include advent calendars and wreaths, Christmas music, singing Christmas carols, giving Christmas cards, and Christmas decorations. Some of the Christmas decorations include things like Christmas lights and Christmas trees. There are also wreaths, garlands and mistletoe that help people to get into the holiday spirit. But players can also get in the spirit with Christmas slots at Mr Gamez!

Mr Gamez Holiday Season

Some of these slots follow along the traditional lines of Christmas with Christmas themes. When one thinks of Christmas, it’s hard not to think of the jolly man with a white beard in a red suit. Father Christmas, also known as Santa Clause, is one of the many elements of Christmas the player can find at Mr Gamez.

Other games include additional elements such as gift giving and special holiday decorations. A player can get in the spirit with Christmas slots at Mr Gamez by playing one of the many Christmas themed slots that Mr Gamez has available.

Holiday Slots

A game a player can try to get in the spirit with Christmas slots at Mr Gamez is Secret Santa. Featuring a very Christmassy sound track as well as a properly festive holiday scene, Secret Santa may be the quintessential holiday experience available on slot machines.

This five reel and one thousand twenty four ways to win slot is packed full of holiday cheer. One of the most interesting elements of Secret Santa that players who want to get in the spirit with Christmas pokies at Mr Gamez will notice is the staggering amount of bonus features. The bonus features include the Secret Santa bonus game. These bonuses appear randomly while the player is taking part in normal play and include the following.

First is wild reels. This is when three of the reels on the screen with turn wild. After that happens, prizes given for that spin are given a recalculation. The second bonus feature is wild boost. When this happens, one type of symbol on the reel will all be turned wild. Then there’s scatter spree. This is when all the symbols on the reels will act as if they were scatters. These bonuses should be of interest to players who want to get in the spirit with Christmas slots at Mr Gamez. The next bonus feature is mystery multiplier. This is where your win is multiplied by up to ten times. The final bonus features include rolling reels, dashing wild and free spins. Rolling reels gives winning symbols another spin. Dashing wild gives the reels a respin with four additional wilds being added. And finally, free spins gives the player five free spins with a three times multiplier on wins.