Free slots or pokies, in Australian online and mobile casinos are a well-known and well loved way of playing the different kinds of slot machine games without having to lay out any real money, or run any real risks. There are various different kinds of Free Slots available, from simple three reel ones to complicated video slots with animated graphics and bonus games.

Free slots have gained popularity in Australia for various reasons like convenience and the huge amount of varieties that players can choose from. There are even a number of software developers who focus purely only creating new online and free slots, and converting existing one to online and free versions.

Different Kinds of Free Slots

There are a huge number of different kinds of free slots available online and on mobile platforms for Australians to choose from. The mobile versions are not as pretty or as intricate as the pure online ones, due to smaller screen sizes and limited graphics, although most of the varieties are available even if to a lesser extent. The first variety of slots is called the Three Reel Slot. This is the simplest kind, with only one payline and three spinning reels. The symbols most commonly used in three reel slots are old type fruits, sevens and Bars. These slots seldom come with any extras, like added bonus rounds or free spins, but are a lot of fun to play, especially for a player who likes the vintage feel of them.

Next in line are Five Reel or Video Slots. These are the most popular kind of slots due to their exciting story lines, animated graphics, bonus rounds and special symbols. Video slots have become so popular that new games are coming out on the market all the time, and there are an almost endless number of them. Video slots have a number of extras over plain Three Reel slots. Many Video Slots have very high-end animated graphics. Not only are the symbols themselves animated, but some have animated bonus rounds and animated story lines. The symbols in video slots range from movie characters, to fairy tales, to books, to anything that comes out of the developer’s imagination really. Video slots often have Wild and Scatter symbols as well as the regular ones. Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols in the game, thus increasing a player’s chance of winning. Scatter symbols often launch bonus rounds or free spins.

Some slots have progressive jackpots, which means that the particular slot is linked via the Internet to other machines or casinos all over the country or even all over the world. The more people that are playing that particular slot, the more the jackpot grows and payouts in these games can often reach over a million dollars.

Bonuses and Free Slots

Online casinos in Australia and all over the world have quickly realised just how incredibly popular pokies or slots are and have created a number of special bonuses and promotions tailored just for slot games. You can now get free money online to play free slots from a large number of Internet casinos, so choose your site carefully to get the most out of your free slots experience.