The Vanishing Act is a slots game by H5G, and as the name suggests is all about the mysterious world of an escapologist. The magician has to free himself from a variety of grim situations, and the action will have the player on the edge of his seat. There are various shackles, including handcuffs that he has to try to unlock in order to escape. There is also the famous water tank that the magician has to try to get out of before he drowns, and leaves the player wondering if his skills are going to save him. He is helped however, by two beautiful assistants, as is the case with most magicians.

The Vanishing Act is a four by five reel slots game, which offers players the chance of winning several big payouts. There are 40 different pay lines and line combinations to choose from, and some great bonuses which include a Wild, Scatter and Free Games bonuses.

The graphics of this game are magical. Even more splendid is the fact that all modern mobile devices and smart phones can be used to play this game. Great graphics add to the excitement of the game, and there is a great deal of realism when the player watches the magician clawing at the sides of the glass water tank. The backdrop of the mystical knobs on the magician’s case presents the player with the dilemma of wondering which combination is needed to unlock the rewards.

Rewards will Come with the Bonuses

If the player wants to get rich through the magic of Vanishing Act, he has to start winning the bonuses and finding the symbols. Letters and numbers are the lowest paying symbols, and will pay between one and fifteen, depending on whether the player finds one or three symbols. It will help enormously if the player can find three of the beautiful assistants on the reels, as this is a win of five, with a win of fifteen for four symbols, and for five of the lovely ladies the player will win thirty.

Rewards can get even higher if the magician performs multiple tricks at the same time, with the handcuffs symbol being the highest paying symbol, with four free games for two symbols, six for three and eighteen for four symbols. The player can win fifty when five of the Handcuff symbols appear on the reels. When the free game symbol lands in any position on reels 2, 3 and 4, there will be seven free games available to the player, and they will be played automatically at the same line combination as originally played. Unlike in some Android casino slots at, these free spins unfortunately cannot be reactivated during the bonus round, but more stacked symbols are also available at this time, which means more potential for big winnings.

Super Stacks will Make Super Wins

When the super stack feature appears magically, they transform into other symbols at the beginning of each spin, and all symbols on that reel will change into the same symbol.  Five wild symbols earn 1,000 and two will win 10, three will win 50 and four will reward the player with 250. The maximum bet on one line is fifteen coins, so on all lines the player can amass a maximum of five hundred coins.

Five symbols with the beautiful assistants on the same line, with the Vanishing Act Logo on the same line, offers a huge win of 1000 coins.