Having casino parties at home can be great fun, but every now and then going to a real casino can be a treat, and a few days away enjoying playing with friends is a good way to relax.  It is also a good way to put into practice all of the casino tips learnt while playing at casino parties.  Of course playing in a real casino and at home is very different and knowing how to behave in a casino is important and will also ensure an enjoyable experience. 

We all know this is the age of technology and other online activities have made life so much better, but when going to a real casino it is best to leave mobile devices at home.  Mobile devices can be distracting and besides that it is not good manners to be using a device when out with friends so best to leave them behind.  Many casinos also frown upon having devices at their tables.

Avoid Drinking and Playing

Drinking and playing casino games is not always a good combination and most people will know their limits and stick to them.  There is of course nothing wrong with having a few drinks, but it is good to pace yourself.  Many people think that casinos will encourage their guests to drink more than they should, and while this may be true at some casinos, the reputable ones will prefer their guests to be sober and not embarrass themselves or other guests.

Know the Rules

Casinos are used to beginners and are usually patient with them, but when going to a casino it is good to at least know the rules of the game.  When it comes to slots the rules are simple, but Craps is another story and probably best to avoid until the rules of this somewhat complicated game are understood.  Most casinos will give beginners lessons before the casino opens and it is advisable to take advantage of these.  There are also loads of helpful sites online which offer step by step guides and so when the time comes to play for real you will look as good as a professional.

When it comes to Blackjack not only are there verbal commands to memorise, but also hand signals. If the cards are dealt face up, tapping then table signifies a hit and waving over the table to stick. To double players must place the bet next to the initial bet and hold up one finger and to split use two fingers.

The Dealer

Asking the dealer for advice is a definite no and even though they work at the https://mobilepokies.net.nz/review/ruby-fortune/ casino it would firstly be unfair to expect the dealer to take responsibility for your chances at the tables and it is just unprofessional.  If the dealer does give advice and it goes wrong who knows how the player may react.  There are however exceptions when it comes to Pai Gow and Pai Gow Poker players are allowed to ask the dealer about the “house way”.

Be a Generous Tipper

It is always good manners to tip, but what amount is always the question.  It is a known fact that casino staff often do not earn good wages and many of them rely on tips to make some extra cash. Besides tipping well, players should always be courteous and treat the casino staff with respect and always remember to give an extra tip if the evening is going well. Many players tend to blame their dealer when they lose, always remember the dealers are just doing their job.