Just ten years after its inception, Amaya Games is now the biggest name and presence in the online gambling world, having recently acquired both FullTilt Poker and Online Poker brands. Amaya also holds the licence to all games featuring DC Comic characters such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, as well as holding the licences with Paramount and Activision. Whether you are looking for modern, flashy, big-named games with your favourite superheroes, or more traditional classics, you’ll find the Amaya name is the hallmark of quality.

A game Of Gods and Monsters

Battle for Olympus plays out on a classical backdrop, with clouds and lightning enveloping the famous mountain home of the gods: the spinning reels are transparent, as well, so that the backdrop adds to the feel of the game, as does the epic battle-themed soundtrack, which rises to a crescendo as the reels line up. It’s a five-reel game, with the possibility of picking any number of winning lines up to 50, giving a great chance of winning with every spin. Bets range from a penny up to 10 credits per spin, giving a maximum possible bet of 500 credits.

The 10, J, Q and K appear as iridescent symbols, each bearing a standard value. Next in value, and scarcity, are three symbols from Greek mythology: the trident of Poseidon, the winged helmet of Hermes, and Helios’s chariot. The brothers Zeus and Hades are the most valuable symbols, and if these appear together on one spin, they unlock the Mixed Bonus feature.

Cerberus, the famous three-headed dog, appears as the 3x wild for all symbols, while Athena appears as a multiplier: find 3 of her at once, and double your winnings. Four Athena symbols equal a 25x multiplier, while 5 symbols together gives you a 250x multiplier of your winnings.

Lightning or Darkness? Pick your Side

The mini game feature is unlocked by lining up the Battle For Olympus symbols on the 1st, 3rd and 5th casino slots reels: this takes you to a realm where you choose your champion between Zeus and Hades, and battle it out over five rounds, using epic attacks of lightning and blasts of Olympian power. The aim of each attack is to line up the sliding marker at the bottom of the screen, maximising the credit for each: four perfect attacks gets you the Perfect Play Credit Award, paying out for the 5th attack automatically. This takes some practice, but once done, you’ll want to access this again and again.


Battle for Olympus is well laid out and accessible, with smooth and fast game play and visually appealing graphics. Your balances appear on screen at all times, as well as your wager and the number of lines being played, putting you in complete control of the experience. Advanced Autoplay options are also available, so you can keep several games on the go simultaneously, and the game does give you a Free Credit facility, handy if you are simply hoping to enjoy the game risk-free, but also missing out on the great opportunities for winning.